My Bey (REPO)

Alexa Rockwell, David Ankin, Angelie Ramdial, Shloka Kini

My Bey is a Beyoncé chat bot that uses machine learning, sentiment analysis, and a Beyoncé gif library to allow you to chat with Beyoncé!

We asked: "hello how are you doing?"
My Bey says:"looking so crazy in love"

Tabulous Women

Adisa Narula, Avika Narula, Megha Madan, Savannah Lim

Chrome extension that displays a quote from a badass woman when you open a new tab!

JokesAreLike (LINK)

Leor Freedman

Jokes are all about juxtaposition! Using the Twitter API and a random noun API, the JokesAreLike Twitter Bot tweets joke setups. You're invited to create the punchline!

Where are you from?

Rebecca Brunsberg, Amnah Ahmad, Surbhi Lohia, Richa Gode

Uses the Twilio API to create a SMS messaging service that replies to your text and asks where you are from based on your area code. The program responds with state specific responses. It uses Heroku to host a server which interacts with Twilio.

Want to try it out? Text +13476868254!

FemBites (LINK)

Rina Schiller, Lily Caplan, Carol Chau, Cherin Oh

Simply put, the FemBits team felt an urgency to expose the ever present sexism in politics. So for your benefit, oh humble female citizens, they created Fembites! Fembites is an app and website that displays six images of some of the most influential politicians in America.

When clicking on one of these images, a soundbite will play something sexist, misogynist, or just out-right offensive to women. FemBits hopes these sound bites will make you laugh, question, or have utter disgust towards these politicians. Also don’t be afraid to click the question box.

Spaghetti (REPO)

Rosheen Chaudhry, Maria Fanelle

Spaghetti is a web app that tailors job search results to college students. It removes job results not applicable to someone in college.


Francisca Augusto, Abigail Banting, Laisa Barros, Daisy Zheng

HelloCity! is a project related to planning trips for people that have an agenda throughout the day and can get notified of what route to take from where they are.

Garbage Buddy

Rui Yang, Jenna Denker, Sarah Thompson, Michele Hu, Ashley Arnold, Vicky Chen

Garbage buddy wants to get his groove on, but he needs inspiration. His dance moves are completely unoriginal. That's where you come in. Let the music take you and start swinging your arms with abandon: Garbage Buddy will follow! We've hacked this pile of scraps into a pretty attentive dance partner using Xbox Kinect and Arduino.

Rendezvous (REPO)

Michelle Lam, Ammy Lin, Ellie Ly

Rendezvous is an app that simplifies plan making with friends!

FigLeaf (REPO)

Rempee Kalia, Erika Yasumaru, Clare Pak, Panchampreet Kaur

FigLeaf is a Chrome extension which blocks spoilers for movies, currently, The Hunger Games. For any website visited, if the chrome icon is clicked, it will block all character names.

Nom Noms (REPO)

Shirley He, Julia Lau, Joanna Wang, Sharmi Sukhia, Sarah Xu, and Melody Pong

The Tinder for food! Nom Noms is an iOS mobile app that allows you to set your price range, maximum travel distance, and it will narrow down food options when you swipe yes or no to pictures of food nearby. It saves foods and restaurants you have swiped yes for future references and it links users to yelp reviews and Grubhub delivery options. How convenient? To somewhat build this app the team utilized the Clarifai API, Yelp API, Xcode, and Swift.

Impressions (LINK)

Alakshya Gholap

Online Store offering interior design services for Home and Business.

Flawless Job (REPO)

Elana Tee, Rose Gao, Lillyan Pan

Inspired by the keynote speech about gender diversity in tech positions, Flawless Jobs is an app that uses d3.js visualization and a Buzzfeed-like quiz to determine what work place (and where!) is best for you!

Flawless DroidVentures

Ashley Teoh, Jessica Joseph and Fadumo Osman

In between helping run things and mentoring teams, three Flawless Hacks organizers built an Android!